The We Are A Safe Home Program


"so just what is this
'safe home' program?"

It’s simple: the Safe Home program lets young people know that they’re safe in your home, all they need to do to feel safe is to walk in your door! A Safe Home has no drugs or alcohol, no underage drinking, no firearms left unlocked or within reach of young hands. Most important, young people in a Safe Home will never be left unattended!

You’re safe with us because
we care about yoU.

what you'll find -
and what you won't find
in a safe home

You’ll find a genuine welcome in a Safe Home. We know that not all homes are safe for young people, whether because of family violence, substance abuse, or neglect. You won’t find drug use and alcohol abuse in a Safe Home. If there are firearms, they’re locked in a secure place. You will never be left unattended. A caring adult is always just a few feet away.


•  Illegal Drug and Marijuana
    will not take place.


•  No alcohol will be consumed by
    or accessible to youth.


•  Prescription medicines are put in
    a safe and secure place and are
    not accessible to youth.


•  Firearms and alcohol will be
    locked in a secure place.


•  Youths will not be left